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They’re juicy, hoppy and delicious. What you’ll notice before you take a sip is the way it looks – cloudy and hazy – sometimes even opaque. This is due to heavy and late dry hopping, yeast selection as well as the addition of oat or wheat. This style of beer accentuates the hops while keeping a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. Characteristically low in bitterness but with plenty of hop character, a hazy IPA will satisfy even the biggest of hop heads!

By offering something new and unique, Hazy’s seem to have disrupted the craft industry – but are they here to stay? We’d say it’s more of an evolution – for now they seem to be everywhere but as consumers become more educated and tastes and expectations change, eventually the bad ones will drop off and the good ones will stay. The real question is, what comes after hazy’s?

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