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Auld Distillery Southland Terroir Gin Series Gift Box 3x200ml

The Southland Terroir Gin 3 pack is the culmination of Auld's taste journey across Southland. It brings together their three expressions of Southland's distinctive landscape; the deep, unforgiving ocean, the rolling farming plains and the rugged mountains of Fiordland. This gin series is a celebration of Auld's place in the world. Shaped seed-to-sip by the terroir in which their grain grows, layered with elements sourced from nearby ocean, mountain and plain, and crafted on their farm in Scotts Gap, Southland. Auld's Southland Terroir Gin series makes an incredible gift, highlighting the best of the New Zealand spirit. Each gin expression is designed to be explored neat on ice or enjoyed with mixers matched from our cocktail list.